What is RPG Playground?

With RPG Playground you can make your own multi-platform Action RPG. It runs in your internet browser and you can try it at

A great story and a lot of imagination is all you need. Programming, graphics and music is provided by RPG Playground.

Remark that RPG Playground is still in development, so a lot of features are missing. However, you can already create your own adventure. For an overview of what is already available, and what will be added in the near future, take a look at the next section.

RPG Playground is created by me, Koen Witters. If you have questions or want some new feature, just email me at


Here are the features of the RPG Playground game editor:

  • Easy to use map editor to build your world and indoor scenes
  • Add NPC’s and monsters to your world
  • Create complex conversations and cut-scenes, using a very simple scripting language

And here is a quick overview of the features of your game:

  • Control the main hero
  • Outdoor and indoor levels
  • Talk to NPC’s
  • Play as a Flash game in any web browser

Since RPG Playground under development, following features will be added in the near future:

  • Action RPG combat system
  • Item management
  • Import your own graphics for tilemaps and characters

What is so different about RPG Playground?

The normal workflow of game maker tools is to start up the editor, adapt tilemaps, behaviours, etc, and then generate the game. Once the game is generated, you can test it. If you want to change something, you exit the game and go back to the editor. This kind of workflow can be cumbersome and time consuming.

RPG Playground reverses this workflow. You immediately start inside your (emtpy) game. When you want to make some changes, just open the project panel on the left, and make your changes straight into the running game. There is no real separation between editor and game anymore, you design your game while playing it.

There are several advantages using this approach:

  • You see the impact of your changes immediately in the game.
  • It’s more fun to work inside your game than inside a boring editor.
  • No need to search for the resource to adapt, you can just click on it and start editing.
  • Continue playing where you left off after your changes.
  • No need to compile/build your game before you can play it.

Supported platforms

RPG Playground itself runs on Adobe Flash, and your game will also run on it.

In the future, you should also be able to export your game as a stand alone version for the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Adobe Flash